Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell sneakers?

We do not directly sell sneakers to the end customer, but we organise events with a selection of sellers, and from them you can buy sneakers at our event. 

Do I need a ticket?

From the age of 13 you need to buy a ticket to attend our event. After scanning the ticket you receive a wristband and get access to the event. Children under the age of 13 can enter the event free of charge when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. Sneakermania recommends all children under 18 attend with an adult. 

Can I pay with credit/debit card at your event?

Some shops and private sellers are accepting credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay etc. But just to be sure, bring enough cash with you to avoid any disappointment.

Are animals allowed?

Our pet friends are not allowed on the entire site for reasons of hygiene, safety and their own well-being. Small exception for guide dogs.

Why does my name appear on all the tickets?

This happens when you buy multiple tickets at once. Don’t worry, the other person(s) will also have access to the event.

Can I sell my sneakers at your event?

Yes, but you need to request a table. Sneakermania reserves the right to make a selection of preferred sellers.

Can flyers be distributed?

For reasons of cleanliness, ease of cleaning, preservation of the site but also of aesthetics, the distribution of flyers and posters in the festival grounds and on its entire periphery is strictly subject to a prior agreement of the organization.

Access & parking

Event venue: Tour & Taxis, Avenue du port 86 C, 1000 Brussels (shed 2)

Public Transport (STIB)


Lines 2 and 6: Yser and Ribaucourt Station (12 minutes walk)


Line 51: Sainctelette stop (11 minutes walk)


Lines 14,20,57,88: Stop Tour & Taxis (3 minutes walk)

Lines 14,88,89: Picard stop (10 minutes walk)

Parking access 

PMR parking: underground parking “Esplanade” Avenue du Port 86c, 1000 Brussels (10€)


A bicycle parking is located at Place de la Musique in Tour & Taxis, right next to the event.

Image rights

Sneakermania  is a paid event open to all. During the event photographs will be taken and published for promotional purposes on:

  • Website
  • Other media (e.g.: press, social networks managed by Sneakermania, etc.)

Processing of photo’s data

The photos taken and published are used for communication and promotional purposes around the Sneakermania event.

Your rights

There is a great deal of agreement in jurisprudence and the doctrine that when a person is exposed in public, for example in a public place, they give their implied consent. This consent is inferred from the concrete circumstances. Similarly, no authorization is in principle required to take and use images of a crowd.

However, if you are the main subject of a photo, even if the primary objective is to «show» the activities and atmosphere of the festival, you have the right to oppose:

  • When taking the photograph and/or
  • To the release of this one.

You can tell your opposition directly to the photographer on the day of the event or afterwards by sending an email to

More information on the subject: